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T.H.A. Nationwide recommends that buyers familiarise themselves with the
T.H.A. Nationwide Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions prior to purchasing at auction.

Terms and Conditions of participating as a bidder in a T.H.A Nationwide Auction Sale

The following are the Terms and Conditions to which you agree as a precondition to receiving a bidder’s registration to bid at the auction sale.

1.          The Purchaser -

a)          You must register your true and correct details and agree to these Terms and Conditions to bid;

b)          You must be over 18years old and legally able to enter into a contract;

c)          You shall be deemed to purchase as principal irrespective of whether you have bought for someone else or under a false name or address;

d)         All credit card purchases attract  a  fee which is levied by the bank;

e)          It is your responsibility to read the sale details that outline the specific terms and conditions of the auction sale in which you are bidding, including inspection, payment and delivery terms. 

f)           It is your responsibility to inspect the goods during the stated inspection times before bidding to satisfy yourself as to the condition of the goods as you may not return the goods for any reason whatsoever. No error or  misdescription  or deficiency in quantity shall vitiate the sale and you will be bound to take the lot without any allowance or abatement in price ;

g)         The goods are being offered on an ‘as is where is’  basis, there is no warranty attached;

h)         Each lot will attract a buyer’s fee in addition to the sale price which is calculated on the GST inclusive bid amount refer  Sale Details for amount;

i)           The bid amounts are GST inclusive and in $AUD.

j)           If you are the highest bidder on a lot subject to reserve price and conditions 2a, 2b, 2c & 2d you are the winning bidder at auction, you have purchased that lot and you are the Purchaser.

k)          If you are the Purchaser at the fall of the hammer you agree to immediately pay a deposit/full payment by Cash/Debit or Credit Card in accordance with the Sale Details. If you are unable T.H.A Nationwide may re-offer the lot.

l)           The Purchaser must complete payment within two (2) working days from the close of the auction.

m)        Risk in each lot will pass to the Purchaser from the fall of the hammer and neither T.H.A Nationwide nor  the Vendor will be accountable for any damage or loss arising thereafter.

n)         If you are the Purchaser  and you have supplied a card you authorise us to:-

                   i.    immediately take a 10% deposit  with a credit card fee if the purchase is over $500.00 and debit the remaining purchase amount from

                         the card in the absence of  completion by cash or direct debit  into our bank account within two business days from the sale closing

                         date.  You authorise us to debit the amount owing in as many transactions as needed until the total amount owing is paid in full.

                   ii.   immediately if the sale is $500 or less take payment in full including credit card fee and all other charges as outlined in the

                         Sale Details.  You authorise us to debit the amount owing in as many transactions as needed until the total amount is paid.

o)         You are not entitled to delivery of the goods until T.H.A Nationwide has received payment in full as cleared funds.

p)         If you do not abide by these Terms and Conditions and complete the sale when you are the winning bidder any monies available by credit card will be forfeited. T.H.A Nationwide reserves the right to sell such lot or lots either by public auction or private contract and upon such terms and conditions as either T.H.A Nationwide  or the Vendor shall deem fit at the risk and expense of the Purchaser who shall be liable for any deficiency together with all expenses of removal, commission, warehousing and other charges arising out of such default and T.H.A Nationwide  or the Vendor shall be entitled to recover same as and for liquidated damages. 

q)         You must remove any lot/lots or part thereof within the time stated in Sale Details. Otherwise you will incur daily storage fees which must be paid prior to delivery of the lot/lots.  T.H.A Nationwide may hold any lots in surety of payment of storage fees incurred by you and should there be no equity remaining reserve the right to sell such lot/lots applying the same process as outlined in Clause 1p) above.

r)            Any removal is at the expense and risk of the Purchaser  but in such removal, the Purchaser shall do no damage or shall forthwith make good any damage occasioned.  T.H.A Nationwide may at its discretion hold any lots owned by you as surety until any damage is made good.

s)          T.H.A Nationwide may refuse you the right to bid at our auctions if you do not complete the purchase when you are the winning bidder or for any other reasonable  reason at our discretion.

t)           It is your responsibility to read and understand these conditions and the Sale Details at the front of the catalogue.

2.          T.H.A Nationwide  (the Auctioneer) reserves the following rights which may be reasonably exercised without giving any reason therefore :-

a)          not to offer for sale any lot described in the catalogue or part of any lot described in the catalogue;

b)          to refuse to accept a bid or bids from any person which in the opinion of the Auctioneer is not in the best interest of the Vendor;

c)          offer any lots together as one lot even if described in the catalogue as separate lots;

d)         in the event of a dispute has absolute discretion to re-offer the lot even after the fall of the hammer;

e)          bid on behalf of any person without disclosure;

f)           in the event that the Purchaser shall successfully bid for more than one lot at the auction -

i)      to appropriate any moneys received from that Purchaser in satisfaction or partial satisfaction of the purchase price  due in respect of any one or more of such lots to the total of partial exclusion of amounts due in respect of any other such lot or lots as the Auctioneer shall see fit; and

ii)     to elect at any time to treat each Contract for the sale of each such lot as interdependent with each other such Contract or Contracts and default under any such Contract shall be treated as default under all such Contracts;

g)         in the event that any lot is not sold at the auction to offer to sell same thereafter by private treaty but otherwise subject to these Conditions.

3.      The Vendor's maximum aggregate liability to any person in connection with the sale of any lot (or lots) or any Contract (whether under indemnity, contract, tort (including negligence), statute or otherwise) is limited to the amount received by the Vendor for the relevant lot (or lots), and in no circumstance will the Vendor be liable to any person for any claim for loss of expected savings, loss of use, loss of opportunity, loss of profit, loss of revenue or any consequential, special or indirect loss or damage.

4.          T.H.A Nationwide will not use your personal information contrary to the administration of the bid process outlined herein unless expressly consented  by you except to fulfil an obligation under state or Federal Law.

5.          These conditions,  shall constitute the whole of the Contract between T.H.A Nationwide  and the Purchaser and the Vendor and the Purchaser and is governed by and will be construed according to the law of New South Wales.  Any disputes will be subject to the jurisdiction of New South Wales